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  • In response to the coronavirus emergency, SAI Global and its Publishing Partners have worked to develop multiple COVID-19 response resources which will provide access to key medical Standards at no cost to organisations involved in the fight against COVID-19. 

    Companies who are converting their production lines can gain access to the information needed to deliver equipment & information that will protect healthcare professionals and patients. This will help:


    1. Tackle the shortage of protective masks and medical equipment experienced all around the world due to the COVID-19 emergency

    2. Provide additional information to better manage risks and improve Community & Organizational Resilience and Emergency Management

    For further details of the COVID-19 response resources, see the below list from our Publishing Partners:

    To further support the fight against COVID-19, SAI Global is also making our i2i Platform available to organisations at no cost. As a secure cloud-based platform, i2i has been designed to empower distributed and home-based workforces with access to critical access to Standards information to drive innovation, speed to market and improve compliance management.

    Until the end of this emergency period, SAI Global will make the following available to eligible organisations involved in the fight against COVID-19: 

    • Online Access to defined European & International Standards
    • Pre-configured Notifications and Alerts to over 2,000 of the most important International MedDev Standards
    • Pre-configured Notifications and Alerts to all 600 NSAI (Including EN and IS0) MedDev Standards
    • Access to EU MDR and IVDR regulation in your Standards Management Platform
    • Ability to Search, preview  and Watch any of the +1 million International Standards in i2i

    To find out more about the COVID-19 Response Package and eligibility for Standards management via our i2i platform, please contact our team.

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      Improve organisational resilience and prepare, respond and overcome disruptions

    • Standards directing the way for sustainable and resilient cities

      Shaping management processes, services and response to risks

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