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  • Rigid regulatory obligations leave no room for error in the Medical Devices industry.

    • Reduce risk and bring products to market safely and quickly with our leading global solutions for the MedTech space. 

      SAI Global's i2i solution will provide:
      -  The right information channelled to the relevant person at the correct, and often, critical time
      - All of your internal and external documents integrated in a way which is relevant to specific product lifecycles to ensure safety compliance and speed to market in a highly competitive and innovative space
      - Access to current Standards, Technical information and Regulations available to all your personnel, anytime, anywhere

      Benefits for your organisation
      - Compliance, currency and control - Assured 
      - In context - Always
      - Content - Peronalised 

        • EU MDR 2021 and Beyond:

        • Key Publishers for
          Medical Device Industry

        • Standards Management
          in Practice