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    SAI Global – Your trusted compliance partner.

    Gain a competitive edge with the help of SAI Global. With our support, expertise and services, your organization will be able to stay compliant, manage risk, boost productivity, and build customer trust.

    Access and benefit from Standards around the world with i2i – SAI Global’s cloud-based standards management solution, which connects you to over 1 Million Standards covering your organization needs to stay compliant, globally.

    With total price transparency, our innovative digital platform means that you only pay for the standards you need and nothing that you don’t.

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    Your trusted compliance partner
  • Why Subscribe to Anything Less?

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    Why Subscribe to Anything Less?
  • More than just Standards.

    SAI Global is the only Standards aggregator to offer such an innovative mix of world class technology, solutions and advisory services across the entire risk management sector.

    Your clients are looking for products and brands they can trust. With SAI Global on your team, you can be confident that it meets every applicable Standard, in every market, around the globe. SAI Global’s flexibility also means that you are only paying for the services and Standards you need. At SAI Global, we structure our pricing around your specific needs.

    More than Just Standards
  • Gain better control of your Standards Management with i2i

    Gain better control of your Standards Management with i2i
  • Be informed. Stay informed.

    SAI Global offers strategic Standards management with over 1 Million Standards under one roof, ensuring maximum ROI for your company's investment in Standards Management.

    It starts with giving you ease of access to a library of over 300 global publishers such as ISO; ASME; BSI ; ANSI ; NSAI ; Standards Australia and many more as part of our subscription service.

    And we’ll make sure you stay informed of any changes.

    Most importantly, we’ll show you how to control cost and resource management by avoiding duplicate purchases being made by someone else in your organization – anywhere in the world.

    Please fill out the form on the page so that we may contact you. Alternatively, please click here for contact details.

  • "We manufacture in 5 different countries. Before switching to the SAI Global i2i platform we had a hard time making sure we were compliant as different Standards were applicable in different countries. i2i gives us a central resource which everyone can access anywhere in the world, on any device.”
    “When we first met our SAI Global Account Manager we discovered would could solve a number of issues we had with risk and compliance. But we were concerned about how disruptive on-boarding a new platform might be. SAI Global allocated an Account Manager to us who made the migration process quite painless.”
    “The cost of risk and standards compliance had become a significant cost to the business. With a bit of help from SAI Global, we seriously looked into it and we found all sorts of costs that were either unnecessary, getting out of hand or being duplicated because one division didn’t know what the other was using. SAI’s processes and transparency have cut costs, better ROI.”