• BSI Standards

    The British Standards Institution provides organizations from all sectors with best practice solutions and standards that represent and support the needs of business and society in the UK and worldwide. BSI are providers of training and conferences, information and knowledge on standards, management systems, business improvement and regulatory approval. BSI have the resources and expertise to devise and institute a testing regime that will meet virtually any international standard or manufacturer’s specification. BSI are a leading global provider of management systems assessment and certification solutions, with more than 60,000 certified locations and clients in over 100 locations worldwide.

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    Key Standards

  • BS EN ISO 9001:2015

    Quality Management Systems - Requirements

    British Standards Institution

    BS OHSAS 18001:2007

    Occupational health and safety management systems. Requirements

    British Standards Institution

    BS EN ISO 14971:2012

    Medical devices. Application of risk management to medical devices

    British Standards Institution

    PD 5500:2015+A2:2016

    Specification For Unfired Fusion Welded Pressure Vessels

    British Standards Institution

    BS EN 60601-1:2006+A12:2014

    Medical Electrical Equipment Part 1: General Requirements For Basic Safety And Essential Performance

    British Standards Institution