• CSA Group Standards

    The CSA Group is a not-for-profit membership-based association serving business, industry, government and consumers in Canada and the global marketplace. CSA Group work in Canada and around the world to develop standards that address real needs, such as enhancing public safety and health. Advancing the quality of life. Helping to preserve the environment. Facilitating trade.

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    Key Standards

  • CSA C22.2.60601.1:2014

    Medical Electrical Equipment - Part 1: General Requirements For Basic Safety And Essential Performance

    CSA Group

    CSA B51:2014

    Boiler, Pressure Vessel, And Pressure Piping Code

    CSA Group

    CSA C22.1:2015

    Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1

    CSA Group

    CSA C22.2.60079-11:2014

    Explosive Atmospheres - Part 11: Equipment Protection By Intrinsic Safety "I"

    CSA Group

    CSA W59:2013

    Welded Steel Construction (Metal Arc Welding)

    CSA Group