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    The new revision of ISO 31000:2018, Risk Management - Guidelines, is now available in the SAI Global online store.

    From planning and strategy, through to goal setting and decision-making, the guidelines outlined in ISO 31000:2018 help to equip risk professionals with the tools to proactively manage uncertainties and variability across a wide range of activities. 

    The guidelines can be applied and customized to any organization - private or public, enterprise, association, group or individual.

    By following the recommended practices in the Standard, risk management practitioners are better able to identify new opportunities, improve operational efficiencies and meet compliance requirements. 

    Key changes in the 2018 revision include:

    • Review of the risk management principles
    • Focus on leadership by top management and the integration of risk management activities starting with the organization's governance and;
    • Increased emphasis on the iterative nature of risk management.


    ISO 31000:2018, Risk Management - Guidelines, is an indispensable tool for managers interested in creating and protecting organizational value to improve performance.

    Be amongst the first global users to get the latest copy. 

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