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    Information and communication technology (ICT) has become an essential component of business operations and strategies. The importance of information technology in business today can be seen across all industries, in businesses of any size.

    Improvements within ICT have seen many efficiencies across a business. For example, management information systems can utilize information such as tracking sales data and productivity to understand the performance of an organization. Inventory management provides a clear view of stock levels and how to continually meet consumer demands. Data management enables organizations to breakdown the complexities of sharing information to improve collaborative work, overcoming previous challenges such as location.

    Alongside the improvements in ICT, cyber attacks and the need for cyber security measures have risen. With personal information and critical business data becoming the target for criminal activity, information and communication technology management must work to protect information assets and customers while mitigating security threats.

    Standards play a vital role in providing a framework that enables organizations to navigate a variety of threats, prioritize business continuity, assist with interoperability and drive innovation in ICT.

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