• An online Standards Management transformation

    The COVID-19 pandemic, as with many businesses, meant that Edgen Murray needed to find a solution to access the Standards required in the ever-changing manufacturing industry. As staff transitioned to work from home, the hard copy library of Standards could only be accessed on site.

    This case study explores the need for a digital transformation to overcome new business challenges and how SAI Global i2i continues to provide flexibility in a dynamic environment. 

    SAI Global i2i is a customizable and secure Standards Management platform that allows you to easily manage, store and share Standards across your entire organization to maintain compliance, improve operational efficiencies and collaboration.

    Download the case study to learn about:

    • The challenges faced in an evolving environment with difficulties of hard copy Standards libraries and the need for remote access in different countries
    • The need to transition to an online and flexible Standards Management solution to continue meeting changing needs and projects 
    • The continued benefits of SAI Global i2i after the transition allowing teams to access Standards seamlessly and improve efficiencies

    Discover the difference of flexible and powerful Standards Management. Download the case study to learn more.