• ASTM E 1349 : 1990 : R1998

    Superseded A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.
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    Standard Test Method for Reflectance Factor and Color by Spectrophotometry Using Bidirectional Geometry

    Available format(s):  Hardcopy, PDF

    Superseded date:  11-11-2014

    Language(s):  English

    Published date:  01-01-1998

    Publisher:  American Society for Testing and Materials

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    Scope - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    1.1 This test method describes the instrumental measurement of the reflection properties and color of object-color specimens by use of a spectrophotometer or spectrocolorimeter with a bidirectional optical measuring system, such as annular, circumferential, or uniplanar 45/0 or 0/45 geometry.

    1.2 This test method is generally suitable for any flat object-color specimen. It is especially recommended for measuring retroreflective specimens, fluorescent specimens, and specimens of intermediate gloss.

    1.3 This standard does not purport to address all of the safety concerns, if any, associated with its use. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.

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    Committee E 12
    Document Type Test Method
    Publisher American Society for Testing and Materials
    Status Superseded
    Superseded By

    Standards Referenced By This Book - (Show below) - (Hide below)

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