• IEC 62489-1:2010+AMD1:2014+AMD2:2017 CSV

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    Electroacoustics - Audio-frequency induction loop systems for assisted hearing - Part 1: Methods of measuring and specifying the performance of system components

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    Language(s):  English - French

    Published date:  11-27-2017

    Publisher:  International Electrotechnical Committee

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    Abstract - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    IEC 62489-1:2010+A1:2014+A2:2017 applies to the components of audio-frequency induction-loop systems for assisted hearing. It may also be applied to such systems used for other purposes, as far as it is applicable. This standard is intended to encourage accurate and uniform presentation of manufacturers' specifications, which can be verified by standardized methods of measurement. It is intended for type testing. The components considered are the following:
    - amplifiers;
    - microphones;
    - other components, such as playback equipment.
    IEC 62489-1:2010 does not deal with safety, for which IEC 60065 applies. It also does not deal with EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) and EMF (Electromagnetic fields, in the context of human exposure). This consolidated version consists of the first edition (2010), its amendment 1 (2014) and its amendment 2 (2017). Therefore, no need to order amendment in addition to this publication.

    General Product Information - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    Committee TC 29
    Development Note To be read in conjunction with IEC 60118-4. Stability Date: 2020. (11/2017)
    Document Type Standard
    Publisher International Electrotechnical Committee
    Status Current

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