• NEN EN 295-1 : 2013

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    Published date:  01-12-2013

    Publisher:  Netherlands Standards

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    Table of Contents - (Show below) - (Hide below)

          Cooperating organizations
          National foreword
          EN foreword
    1 General
          1.1 Object and field of application
          1.2 References
          1.3 Definitions
                 1.3.1 Nominal size
                 1.3.2 Curvature
                 1.3.3 Joint assembly
                 1.3.4 Bearing elements
                 1.3.5 Sealing elements
                 1.3.6 Fairings
                 1.3.7 Minimum bore
                 1.3.8 Pipe section
                 1.3.9 Nominal length
    2 Pipes and fittings
          2.1 Materials and manufacture
          2.2 Minimum bore
          2.3 Length
          2.4 Squareness of ends
          2.5 Deviation from straightness
          2.6 Water seal of fittings
          2.7 Angle of curvature and radius of bends
          2.8 Branch angle of junctions
          2.9 Crushing strength (FN)
          2.10 Bending tensile strength
          2.11 Bending moment resistance (BMR)
          2.12 Bond strength of adhesive used for fixing fired
                 clay parts together
                 2.12.1 Minimum bending tensile strength
                 2.12.2 Minimum strength after immersion
          2.13 Fatigue strength under pulsating load
          2.14 Watertightness of pipes
          2.15 Chemical resistance
          2.16 Hydraulic roughness
          2.17 Abrasion resistance
          2.18 Impermeability of fittings
    3 Joint assemblies
          3.1 Jointing materials
                 3.1.1 Rubber sealing elements
                 3.1.2 Polyurethane sealing elements
                 3.1.3 Polypropylene sleeve couplings - material
                 3.1.4 Polypropylene sleeve couplings -
                          performance requirements
                 3.1.5 Other jointing materials
          3.2 Watertightness of joints
                 3.2.1 Internal pressure
                 3.2.2 External pressure
          3.3 Angular deflection
          3.4 Shear resistance
          3.5 Invert conformity
          3.6 Joint interchangeability
          3.7 Chemical and physical resistance to effluent
                 3.7.1 Joint assemblies
                 3.7.2 Jointing materials
          3.8 Thermal cycling stability
          3.9 Long-term thermal stability
    4 Sampling for tests
    5 Designation
    6 Marking
    7 Quality Assurance
    Figure 1 - Joint dimensions
    Table 1 - Minimum bore
    Table 2 - Preferred nominal lengths
    Table 3 - Deviation from straightness
    Table 4 - Crushing strength (FN) in kN/m DN 100 and 150
    Table 5 - Crushing strength (FN) in kN/m > DN 200
    Table 6 - Bending moment resistance (BM) in kN/m for crushing
              strength values (FN) in kN/m
    Table 7 - Material requirements for polyurethane sealing
    Table 8 - Material requirements for polypropylene sleeve
    Table 9 - Deflection
    Table 10 - Dimensions and tolerances for socket controlled
               jointing systems
    Table 11 - Dimensions and tolerances for spigot controlled
               jointing systems
    National Annex NA (informative)

    Abstract - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    Defines requirements for vitrified clay pipes, fittings and flexible joints for buried drain and sewer systems for the conveyance of wastewater (including domestic wastewater, surface water and rainwater) under gravity and periodic hydraulic surcharge or under continuous low head of pressure.

    General Product Information - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    Development Note Together with NEN EN 295-2 and NEN EN 295-3, supersedes NEN 7023. (04/2003) Supersedes NEN EN 295-10. (02/2013)
    Document Type Standard
    Publisher Netherlands Standards
    Status Current
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