• What is a Standard and why are they important?

    • Standards impact our everyday life at home, in the workplace and on the go. Today over 1 million global standards ensure safer consumer products and services, efficient manufacturing, work health and safety, and advancements in innovation. 

      Processes and management systems established by standards have been determined by consensus to be the best way possible to achieve a positive business outcome. 

      • Benefits for your organization


        Gain measurable economic benefits

        Conformance to standards helps companies streamline internal operations and cut costs while maintaining quality. For example, by employing efficient processes you can become more agile and increase output while decreasing waste and redundancies. 

        Adhering to standards gives you the freedom to grow without the need to reinvent every process. In turn, your business will benefit from greater innovation, new product development and faster growth - all while mitigating risk.


        Earn access to global markets

        Standards set minimum acceptable performance benchmarks for meeting safety requirements while ensuring consistency of products, systems and processes. For this reason, standards level the playing field for free and fair global trade and can help your business access international markets.

        By facilitating accuracy, standards promote confidence in commercial transactions locally and globally. That means you'll reduce trade barriers and gain a competitive advantage.


        Meet regulatory obligations, exceed market expectations

        Companies who demonstrate adherence to standards often experience fewer compliance violations. The dual benefit result? Lower risk and stronger brand equity. That's why the most successful companies follow industry standards.

        Think of standards as meticulously-tested success models. Follow them and set your business in motion for improved workplace safety, continuous regulatory compliance, better customer and supplier relationships, and a respected reputation that radiates excellence.



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