• Your complete database of U.S. Government and military parts & logistics

    Manufacturers, suppliers and contractors working in government and military markets face unprecedented challenges. Keeping core infrastructure functioning, fulfilling the requirements of existing supply and maintenance contracts, meeting mission critical deadlines, adapting to technological and regulatory changes & controlling production costs.

    There's also a constant need to seek out new business opportunities and competitively position your business. All of these and many more present government and commercial contractors with operational issues on a daily basis.

    What is Logicom?

    Logicom is an online annual subscription service that provides a comprehensive database of parts and suppliers for US Government procurement and commercial enterprise. Logicom gives you access to over 150 million items at your fingertips.

    With Logicom, you can:

    • Determine if you have selected the right part for your needs
    • Search for parts information with the information you hold, however incomplete
    • Identify the suppliers and various sources for parts
    • Search for old parts or obsolete parts, and find appropriate replacements
    • Verify that the parts meet Military Specifications or Standards Specifications
    • Identify and locate NSN (National Stock Numbers) information
    • Expand your government business and generate sales in new government markets
    • What information is covered in Logicom?


      • Your complete FLIS database

        Logicom contains information from the Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) for all active parts and suppliers. In addition to technical characteristics for parts, the LOGICOM database contains:

        • Master Cross reference data (MCRL)
        • Management List Consolidated (MLC)
        • Commercial purchase history
        • US Government management information including Interchangeability and Substitutability data (I&S)
        • Federal Item Identification Guides (FIIGs)
        • Access to logistics data

          With over 150 million items available, Logicom provides quick and easy access to multiple streams of logistics data such as:

          • NSN (National Stock Number) & NIIN (National Item Identification Number)
          • AEL (Allowance Equipage List) & APL (Allowance Parts List)
          • CCR (Central Contractor Registration) data
          • Procurement history
          • RFQ monitor and bid searching
          • Mil Specs
          • Military & commercial part drawings
          • CAD drawings
          • Vendor catalogues and more
          • Commercial Entities information

            Logicom provides comprehensive information on all active Commercial Entities (CAGEs) including:

            • Company addresses
            • Contacts
            • Web addresses
            • Parts supplied
            • Purchase history
            • What can you expect with Logicom?


                • Expand your business by researching the specifics of DoD bid opportunities and other RFQs, monitoring competitor activities, and tracking pricing trends. You can view your competitors' capabilities and awarded contract histories.
                • Uncover new business prospects by accessing information on more than 135,000 companies currently selling to the U.S. Government.
                • Maximize your negotiating power by viewing the actual price paid for government purchases and locate alternate sources when primary suppliers can't deliver.
                • Increase the efficiency of your design, testing, and quality assurance processes. Subscribers can improve product development cycle times and avoid parts duplication by determining if parts already exist.
                  • Search by the technical characteristics of parts to help meet engineering design requirements and identify new parts sources.
                  • Download part attributes to ensure your internal parts and legacy data remains clean and standardized.
                  • Enhance DMSMS (diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages) capabilities by quickly locating past vendors to manage the risk of part and material obsolescence for mission-critical systems.
                  • Quickly identify sources for the parts you need, even with incomplete information at hand.

                  • Talk to an SAI Global expert today to discover how Logicom can transform your organization.

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