• Stay up-to-date with changes to critical Standards

    Each of the main types of renewable energy - solar, wind and tidal - have their own unique requirements with new and revised Standards constantly released. Staying ahead of new and changing Standards is critical to maintain high quality, safe and innovative solutions within your organization.

    It's time to gain access to Standards to meet your requirements - now and into the future.

    Providing all users with the same, up-to-date Standards reduces compliance risks while improving collaboration and efficiencies. It's time to easily manage, store and share Standards across your entire organization with SAI Global i2i, a powerful and cloud-based Standards Management platform, offering:

    • An intuitive interface with additional Single Sign-On (SSO) for multiple users and sites to ensure all team members are using the same set of up-to-date Standards
    • Access to over 1.6 million Standards from 360+ publishers including ISO, NSAI, IEC, ASME, Energy Institute and more to reduce the number of service providers required
    • An unlimited number of customized collections of Standards specific to roles, projects, processes or product groups to suit the various needs of team members
    • Simple and powerful search functionality to quickly find and access content to improve efficiencies
    • A central repository of all your key data by linking company policies and technical files to relevant Standards
    • An alert service sending notifications when Standards change to reduce compliance risks and enable fast reaction times
    • In-depth reports and dashboards to continually optimize your subscription and gain full visibility to the most used, accessed and requested Standards