Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I click on a Standard nothing happens
This may be due to your browser not allowing pop ups. Simply visit the settings of your browser to disable the pop up blocker for this site and try again. If you are still experiencing an issue, please call Customer Service.

Q: How do I turn off pop up blockers?
If you click on a Standard’s designation/title and nothing happens your browser may be set to "Block pop ups". Simply visit the settings of your browser to disable the pop up blocker for this site and try again. If you are still experiencing issue, please call Customer Service.

Q: Why are some of the Standards referenced not the 'Current' edition?
The Standards listed are those referenced by the NCC. In some instances the NCC may not reference the current edition of a Standard. Current editions can be found by clicking on the Superseded By: links on the InfoStore pages of the superseded Standards.

Q: Are these Standards the same for Residential Units/Multi-story Homes?
Yes, with the addition of the Standards outlined in the "Referenced Multi-dwelling Standards" tab.

Q: Are these Standards the same for Commercial Buildings?
No, the Standards contained within this tool refer specifically to Volume 2 of the BCA (the Housing Provisions) and the PCA, Volume 3, for Class 1 and 10a buildings; and certain 10b structures.

Q: How frequently is this tool revised/updated?
This site was updated in June 2015 to reflect the 2015 National Construction Code.

Q: Can I put a link to this tool on my internal company network?
Yes, you can share the availability of this tool with anyone you wish by linking to it, using email or posting the link via any one of hundreds of social media services (see the top right of screen).

Q: Can I view this tool on mobile devices (iPhone/iPad/Android)?
Yes, the NCC Standards Interactive House is viewable on most mobile/smart phone type devices.

Q: What is product certification?
Product requirements vary from market to market and manufacturers, importers, exporters and distributors must be able to demonstrate to consumers that they understand and meet these requirements.

Some requirements are specifically spelt out in a contract or legislation as a reference to an Australian Standard® and some are covered by law.

If a product has been certified, it means that it has been assessed by a third party, like SAI Global, and fulfils the specified requirements of the nominated Product Standard.

As a consumer, this means that you can be confident that the product will perform according to the specific Standard.

Q: What Product Certification Schemes are referenced in the NCC Interactive House?

Q: How can I get my Product Certified?
For more information on Product Certification, click here. Alternatively contact us by calling 1300 360 314 or emailing

Q: Why am I getting an error message telling me to update my browser?
This interactive site requires HTML5 / CSS3 and Web GL to run. It doesn’t support Flash. Some older versions of browsers use Flash and this site won’t render properly in these browsers. You should update your internet browser to the latest version.

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