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If you have already been provided with a licence to use StandardsWatch by your company you may attach to your licence here.

Important Notice

If you intend to purchase StandardsWatch to be alerted about a range of standard - please note that moving forward alerts for AS, ISO & IEC standards will need to managed via Customer Service


Did you know that many Standards are mandatory and enforced by legislation and regulation?

What would happen if you didn't know that these Standards, or any Standards you reference to conduct your business had changed? Lack of compliance with an updated Standard could lead to legal repercussions.

StandardsWatch is an easy way to minimize this risk. Whether you need to monitor an Australian or International Standard; whether it’s new, amended or superseded, we keep you in the loop with an email, as and when the change occurs.


  • Ensure you are referencing the current local and International Standards whilst developing your products and services
  • Know of changes to Standards before your clients do
  • Easily find Standards related to the ones you use to run your business
  • Respond to regulatory changes more quickly than your competitors
  • Helps administrators monitor compliance by tracking who is using StandardsWatch.


  • Email notification when a Standard in your Watch List has changed
  • Organise your Standards into meaningful lists – such as by topic or by project e.g. Quality, Risk, OH&S, Project Delta
  • Make notes against any Standard in your Watch List
  • Status of every Standard in your Watch Lists, including when it was published, which document it has superseded, and when the last Draft and Amendment of that Standard was released
  • Direct links from your Watch Lists to additional information, including the Standard’s full abstract, history, and related Standards
  • Ability to purchase the Standard directly or put it on standing order
  • Archive of all email notifications - so if you miss or delete your email notification you always have a copy
  • Standards are available in up to 20 languages (depending on publisher).

Who uses StandardsWatch?

Any professional who uses Standards as part of their work:

  • Architecture
  • Building & Construction
  • Compliance and Ethics
  • Corporate Secretaries Office
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Electrical
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Management
  • Healthcare
  • HR, Learning Management or Training
  • Information Security
  • Internal Auditing
  • ISO Standards professionals
  • Knowledge Officers and Librarians
  • Mining
  • Office of General Counsel
  • Plumbing & Gas
  • Privacy
  • Quality Auditing
  • Quality Control or Assurance
  • Quality, Lean Sigma or Six Sigma
  • Risk Management
  • Safety, OSHA or SHE
  • Telecommunications.

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Minimize your risk by subscribing to StandardsWatch today!

For as little as $100.00*, you can rest assured you will always know when a Standard that is critical to your work has changed.

 StandardsWatch Packages

Packages   Pricing*  
1-50 Documents Watch up to 50 items $100 BUY NOW
51-200 Documents Watch up to 200 items $185 BUY NOW
201-500 Documents Watch up to 500 items $600 BUY NOW
501-800 Documents Watch up to 800 items $825 BUY NOW

*All prices are on a per annum basis



StandardsWatch is a permission-based service. We do not make your personal information available to other organizations, and you have the right to gain access to this information. For further information, please see our Privacy Policy. SAI Global may use customer information to inform StandardsWatch users of product releases, seminars or special promotions that are deemed relevant to the participant.

Note: The service is provided as is without guarantee.

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