The CodeConnect service provides online access to all mandatory Codes of Practice referenced across all Australian jurisdictions.


CodeConnect Benefits

CodeConnect assists you with meeting your compliance obligations by indicating:

  • Which Australian Standards are referenced in Codes of Practice that are referenced in legislation
  • Where in the Code of Practice the Standard is referenced
  • Where in the legislation the Code of Practice is referenced
  • Other Standards referenced in that Code of Practice
  • Other Legislation that the Code of Practice is referenced in
How CodeConnect Works

With this simple to use service you can:

  • Search via an Australian Standard name or designation to find if that Standard is referenced in a Code of Practice that is referenced in legislation.
  • View Codes of Practice referenced in the Standard, and any legislation the Code is referenced in.
  • Click through to the relevant Code of Practice, Legislation, and Standard.

CodeConnect is critical to any organisation seeking to comply with Australian Legislation.

Existing Standards On-Line clients can integrate CodeConnect with their existing service. Contact Us to learn how.