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GB 002-2007
The Business Excellence Framework

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Document Type MiscPublication
Status Superseded
Publisher:    SAI Global
Committee DD-001
Superseded By:
GB 002-2011
GB 002-2004

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Published:   31 Mar 2007  
ISBN: 1 921 093 29 3
Pages: 52
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Published:   31 Mar 2007  
ISBN: 1 921 093 29 3
Pages: 52

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An integrated leadership and management system that describes the elements essential to sustainable organisational excellence. It can be used to assess and improve any aspect of an organisation, including leadership, customer focus, strategy and planning, people, information and knowledge, process management and bottom-line results. This edition has been substantially reviewed and upgraded from the 2004 edition, and focuses on 8 new Principles of Business Excellence, the fundamentals of creating an environment for business success, and a completely revamped set of 7 Categories and 17 Items. The complete framework document has also been restructured into a more logical format which facilitates understanding and application.


First published as AQC F2001-2001.
Revised and redesignated as AQC F2002-2002.
Revised and redesignated as BEA 123-2003.
Revised and redesignated as GB 002-2004.
Second edition 2007.

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