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AS/NZS 4360 CD SET-2004
Risk Management Set (CD-ROM)

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Australian Standard AS/NZS 4360 Risk Management and its accompanying Handbook HB 436 Risk Management Guidelines - Companion to AS/NZS 4360 are intended to be used together, with the Handbook providing important commentary, guidance and examples on the implementation of the Standard.

For ease of use, the Handbook incorporates the full text of the Standard, reproduced in sections, followed by commentary relevant to that section. However, most users will still want an original copy of the Standard for reference purposes.

So this special Standard package on a convenient CDROM provides you with both documents for only $21.00 more than the retail price of either book. (Just $17.85 more at Member prices.)

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Document Type Standard
Status Withdrawn
Publisher:    Standards Australia
Withdrawn Date 17 Nov 2009

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Provides the full text of AS/NZS 4360:2004 Risk management and HB 436:2004 Risk management guidelines – A companion to AS/NZS 4360:2004 in a convenient CD-ROM format.


This Standard provides a generic guide for managing risk. It may be applied to a wide range of activities or operations of any public, private or community enterprise, or group.

The Standard specifies the elements of the risk management process, but it is not the purpose of this Standard to enforce uniformity of risk management systems. It is generic and independent of any specific industry or economic sector. The design and implementation of the risk management system will be influenced by the varying needs of an organization, its particular objectives, its products and services, and the processes and specific practices employed.

This Handbook provides generic guidance for establishing and implementing effective risk management processes in any organization. It demonstrates how to establish the proper context, and then how to identify, analyse, evaluate, treat, communicate and monitor risks.

This Handbook is based on the Joint Australian/New Zealand Standard, AS/NZS 4360:2004, Risk management. Each Section contains an extract from the Standard, followed by practical advice and relevant examples. This basic guide provides a generic framework for managing risk. It may be applied in a very wide range of organizations including:

• public sector entities at national, regional and local levels;
• commercial enterprises, including companies, joint ventures, firms and franchises;
• partnerships and sole practices;
• non-government organizations; and
• voluntary organizations such as charities, social groupings and sporting clubs.

It provides a reference for directors, elected officials, chief executive officers, senior executives, line managers and staff when developing processes, systems and techniques for managing risk that are appropriate to the context of their organization or their roles.

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