StandardsWatch Terms and Conditions

This page summarises the essential terms and conditions of use under which StandardsWatch is supplied. In particular, it details how you may, and may not, use the material supplied to you under this service.

The service

The StandardsWatch service referred to is an on-line notification service advising subscribers of changes to the Standards they have nominated as being part of the service. The service can be applied to most national and international publications currently available from the SAI Global InfoStore. An annual fee is charged for the service, different forms of which are available.

Your obligation

You have access to this service because you or your organisation pays the required annual subscription fee. By paying the annual subscription fee for this service the Licensee agrees to the Terms and Conditions of the service.

You also agree that where you have made a standing order for delivery of a new edition (either Hardcopy or PDF) of nominated Standards, the full price of the new edition, plus delivery, where applicable, will be charged to your credit account. These charges are in addition to the StandardsWatch annual subscription fee for the service.

Where applicable, you, as a user authorised by the licensee, are all bound by the same terms and conditions of use.

Your responsibility to observe Copyright laws

All material supplied under this service is subject to copyright. With the exception of the uses defined below, no part of this material may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, without the written permission of the publisher.

How you may - or may not - use the material

The essence of this service is that you are provided with information, and from time to time, extracts from, the Standards that you have nominated to form your service.

  • The following uses are permitted:

    You may make paper copies of the information supplied under this service for your own personal use. You may also download electronic copies of the information for temporary off-line purposes

  • The following uses are prohibited:

    You are explicitly prohibited from distributing copies (electronic or paper) of the information provided to any third party, either in or outside your organisation.

    It is also a condition of the licence that all paper or electronic copies must be destroyed on a non-renewal or cancellation of the subscription. At its discretion, the Licensee may require a certificate that destruction has occurred.


SAI Global will make its best endeavours to ensure that all relevant information is provided on the Standards nominated by a subscriber, and that the information provided is accurate. However, no responsibility will be taken in the unlikely event that this does not occur.

Technical Support

SAI Global Limited
610 Winters Avenue
Paramus, New Jersey
07652 USA
Phone: 201-986-1131 / 888-454- 2688
Fax: 201-986-7886

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