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AENOR is responsible for developing standards and carrying out standardization and certification operations in Spain. Over 18,000 published standards cover all industrial and service sectors, and are designed to improve quality, competitiveness and environmental protection.

Popular Publications

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UNE EN ISO 1140:2012 Fibre Ropes - Polyamide - 3-, 4-, 8- And 12-Strand Ropes (Iso 1140:2012)

Latest AENOR Publications

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UNE EN 60092-507:2015 Electrical Installations In Ships - Part 507 - Small Vessels (Endorsed By Aenor In October Of 2015)
UNE EN 62343-5-1:2015 Dynamic Modules - Part 5-1: Test Methods - Dynamic Gain Tilt Equalizer - Gain Tilt Settling Time Measurement (Endorsed By Aenor In April Of 2015)
UNE EN 61753-052-3:2016 Fibre Optic Interconnecting Devices And Passive Components - Performance Standard - Part 052-3: Single-Mode Fibre Non-Connectorized Fixed Attenuator - Category U In Uncontrolled Environment (Endorsed By Asociacin Espaola De Normalizacin In February Of 2017)
UNE 178108:2017 Smart Cities - Requirements For The Application Of Une 178104 To Smart Buildings
UNE EN 60115-2:2015 Fixed Resistors For Use In Electronic Equipment - Part 2: Sectional Specification - Leaded Fixed Low Power Film Resistors (Endorsed By Aenor In March Of 2015)
UNE 315500:2017 Inputs To Be Used In Organic Plant Production - Products For Pest And Disease Management
UNE EN 16927:2017 Mini-Pools - Specific Requirements Including Safety And Test Methods For Mini-Pools
UNE EN 16716:2017 Mountaineering Equipment - Avalanche Airbag Systems - Safety Requirements And Test Methods
UNE 142500:2017 Inputs To Be Used In Organic Plant Production - Fertilizers, Soil Conditioners And Substrates
UNE EN ISO 20957-5:2017 Stationary Training Equipment - Part 5: Stationary Exercise Bicycles And Upper Body Crank Training Equipment, Additional Specific Safety Requirements And Test Methods (Iso 20957-5:2016)