B11 Standards Inc. Publications

The B11 Standards were under AMT (Association for Manufacturing Technologies) which limited their subject coverage to Machine Tools since this was the purpose / coverage of AMT. In January 2010, AMT announced that they were getting out of the standards development business and they spun off the B11 standards to a new company. The new company is B11 Standards, Inc and it is run by Dave Felinski who was AMT's Standards Director. Now, under B 11 Standards Inc, the push is to have B11 standards apply to ALL machines, as this is the scope of B11

Current List of B11 Publications

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ANSI/ISO 12100-2012 Safety Of Machinery - General Principles For Design - Risk Assessment And Risk Reduction
ANSI B11 TR1-2004 Ergonomic Guidelines For The Design, Installation And Use Of Machine Tools
ANSI B11 TR2-1997 Mist Control Considerations For The Design, Installation, And Use Of Machine Tools Using Metalworking Fluids
ANSI B11 TR3-2000 Risk Assessment And Risk Reduction - A Guide To Estimate, Evaluate And Reduce Risks Associated With Machine Tools
ANSI B11 TR4-2004 Selection Of Programmable Electronic Systems (Pes/Plc) For Machine Tools
ANSI B11 TR5-2006 Sound Level Measurement Guidelines
ANSI B11 TR6-2010 Machines - Safety Control System For Machine Tools
ANSI B11 TR7-2007 Designing For Safety And Lean Manufacturing: A Guide On Integrating Safety And Lean Manufacturing Principles In The Use Of Machinery
ANSI B11.0-2015 Safety Of Machinery - General Requirements And Risk Assessment
ANSI B11.1-2009 Safety Requirements For Mechanical Power Presses
ANSI B11.10-2003 (R2015) Safety Requirements For Metal Sawing Machines
ANSI B11.11-2001 (R2012) Safety Requirements For Gear And Spline Cutting Machines
ANSI B11.12-2005 (R2015) Safety Requirements For Roll-Forming And Roll-Bending Machines
ANSI B11.13-1992 (R2007) Machine Tools - Single And Multiple Spindle, Automatic Screw/Bar And Chucking Machines - Safety Requirements For Construction, Care And Use
ANSI B11.15-2001 (R2012) Safety Requirements For Pipe, Tube And Shape Bending Machines
ANSI B11.16-2014 Machine Tools - Safety Requirements For Powder/Metal Compacting Presses
ANSI B11.17-2004 (R2015) Safety Requirements For Horizontal Hydraulic Extrusion Presses
ANSI B11.18-2006 (R2012) Safety Requirements For Machines Processing Or Slitting Coiled Or Non-coiled Metal
ANSI B11.19-2010 Performance Criteria For Safeguarding
ANSI B11.2-2013 Safety Requirements For Hydraulic And Pneumatic Power Presses
ANSI B11.20-2004 (R2015) Safety Requirements For Integrated Manufacturing Systems
ANSI B11.21-2006 (R2012) Safety Requirements For Machine Tools Using A Lasers For Processing Materials
ANSI B11.22-2002 (R2012) Safety Requirements For Turning Centers And Automatic Numerically Controlled Turning Machines
ANSI B11.23-2002 (R2012) Safety Requirements For Machining Centers And Automatic Numerically Controlled Milling, Drilling And Boring Machines
ANSI B11.24-2002 (R2012) Safety Requirements For Transfer Machines
ANSI B11.25-2015 Safety Requirements For Large Machines
ANSI B11.3-2012 Safety Requirements For Power Press Brakes
ANSI B11.4-2003 (R2013) Safety Requirements For Shears
ANSI B11.5-1988 (R2008) Ironworkers - Safety Requirements For Construction, Care, And Use
ANSI B11.6-2001 (R2012) Safety Requirements For Manual Turning Machines W/ Or Without Auto Control
ANSI B11.7-1995 (R2010) Cold Headers And Cold Formers - Safety Requirements For Construction, Care, And Use
ANSI B11.8-2001 (R2012) Safety Requirements For Manual Milling, Drilling And Boring Machines With Or Without Automatic Control
ANSI B11.9-2010 (R2015) Safety Requirements For Grinding Machines