American Petroleum Institute Publications

API is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited standards developing organization, operating with approved standards development procedures and undergoing regular audits of its processes. API produces standards, recommended practices, specifications, codes and technical publications, reports and studies that cover each segment of the industry. API standards promote the use of safe, interchangeable equipment and operations through the use of proven, sound engineering practices as well as help reduce regulatory compliance costs, and in conjunction with API’s Quality Programs, many of these standards form the basis of API certification programs.

Latest API Publications

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API TR 977 Ed. 1 (2018) Astm C704 Test Variability Reduced To Allow Further Optimization Of Erosion-Resistant Refractories For Critical Oil Refining Applications
API 578 Ed. 3 (2018) Guidelines For A Material Verification Program (Mvp) For New And Existing Assets
API 662-1 DATA SHEET Ed. 1 (2006/R2011) Plate Heat Exchangers For General Refinery Services - Part 1: Plate-And-Frame Heat Exchangers
API 1145 Ed. 2 (2018) Preparation Of Response Plans For Oil Spills From Offshore Facilities
API MPM CH12.1.2 Ed. 2 (2018) Manual Of Petroleum Measurement Standards - Chapter 12: Calculation Of Petroleum Quantities - Section 1: Calculation Of Static Petroleum Quantities - Part 2: Calculation Procedures For Tank Cars
API MPM CH14.7 Ed. 5 (2018) Manual Of Petroleum Measurement Standards - Chapter 14 - Natural Gas Fluids Measurement - Section 7 - Mass Measurement Of Natural Gas Liquids And Other Hydrocarbons
API 1646 Ed. 2 (2017) Safe Working Practices For Contractors Working At Retail Petroleum/Convenience Facilities
API 934-E Ed. 2 (2018) Recommended Practice For Materials And Fabrication Of 1[1/4]Cr-[1/2]Mo Steel Pressure Vessels For Service Above 825 Degrees F (440 Degrees C)
API 18LCM Ed. 1 (2017) Product Life Cycle Management System Requirements For The Petroleum And Natural Gas Industries
API 5SI RUSSIAN Ed. 1 (2006/R2012) Recommended Practice For Purchaser Representative Surveillance And/Or Inspection At The Supplier