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Latest BSI Publications

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BS EN ISO 16396-2:2017 Plastics - Polyamide (Pa) Moulding And Extrusion Materials - Part 2: Preparation Of Test Specimens And Determination Of Properties (Iso 16396-2:2017)
BS EN 2713-012:2017 Aerospace Series - Cables, Electrical, Single And Multicore For General Purpose - Operating Temperatures Between -55 Degrees C And 200 Degrees C - Part 012: Mna (1 Core), Mnb (Pair), Mnc (3 Cores), Mnd (4 Cores), Cables Family - Silver Plated Copper Screened (Spiral) And Jacketed, Uv Laser Printable - Product Standard
PAS 5000:2017 Specification For The Construction And Operation Of A Fixed Indoor Trampoline Park
PD CEN ISO/TR 18486:2017 Plastics - Parameters Comparing The Spectral Irradiance Of A Laboratory Light Source For Weathering Applications To A Reference Solar Spectral Irradiance (Iso/Tr 18486:2016)
BS EN ISO 18246:2017 Electrically Propelled Mopeds And Motorcycles - Safety Requirements For Conductive Connection To An External Electric Power Supply (Iso 18246:2015)
BS IEC 82304-1:2016 Health Software - Part 1: General Requirements For Product Safety
PAS 1018:2017 Indirect, Temperature-Controlled Refrigerated Delivery Services - Land Transport Of Refrigerated Parcels With Intermediate Transfer - Specification
BS EN 4708-101:2017 Aerospace Series - Sleeving, Heat-Shrinkable, For Binding, Insulation And Identification - Polyolefin Sleeving - Operating Temperatures -55 Degree C To 135 Degree C - Product Standard
PD CEN/TR 17055:2017 Workplace Exposure - Measurement Of Chemical Agents Complying With The Requirements Given In En 482 And Either One Of En 838, En 1076, En 13205, En 13890 And En 13936 - Choice Of Procedures
BS 10010:2017 Information Classification, Marking And Handling - Specification