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Current List of BSI-BI Publications

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GB 003-2004 Introduction to Knowledge Management in Construction
GB 008.1-2005 Implementing Effective Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance - A Framework
GB 008.2-2005 Implementing Effective Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance - A Guide
GB 013.1-2010 Integrated Management Systems (IMS) - A Framework for Integrated Management Systems
GB 013.2-2010 Integrated Management Systems (IMS) - Implementing and Operating Using PAS 99
GB 013.3-2004 Integrated Management Systems (IMS) - Creating a Manual
GB 013.4-2004 Integrated Management Systems (IMS) - Customer Satisfaction
GB 013.5-2004 Integrated Management Systems (IMS) - The Excellence Model
GB 013.6-2005 Integrated Management Systems (IMS) - Information Security
GB 013.7-2005 Integrated Management Systems (IMS) - Continual Improvement through auditing
GB 013.8-2010 Integrated Management Systems (IMS) - Good Governance - A risk-based management systems approach to internal control
GB 013.9-2005 Integrated Management Systems (IMS) - Managing Food Safety
GB 015.1-2005 Environmental Management - Managing Environment the 14001 Way
GB 015.2-2005 Environmental Management - Management Systems for SMEs
GB 015.3-2005 Environmental Management - Effective EMS Auditing
GB 015.4-2010 Environmental Management - Focus on sustainability and its implications for CSR
GB 015.5-2006 Environmental Management - Environmental Due Diligence; The Role of ISO 14015 in the Environmental Assessment of Sites and Organizations
GB 015.6-2010 Environmental Management - Focus on climate change
GB 017.1-2005 Effective Records management - A Management Guide to the Value of ISO 15489.1
GB 017.2-2005 Effective Records management - Practical Implementation of ISO 15489.1
GB 017.3-2005 Effective Records management - Performance Management for ISO 15489.1
GB 019-2006 Managing Safety the Systems Way
GB 020.1-2006 Information Security Management Systems - Guidelines on requirements and preparation for ISMS certification based on ISO/IEC 27001
GB 020.2-2006 Information Security Management Systems - Are you ready for an ISMS audit based on ISO/IEC 27001
GB 020.3-2006 Information Security Management Systems - Guide to the implementation and auditing of ISMS controls based on ISO/IEC 27001
GB 022-2006 Understanding ISO 9001:2000 and Process-based Management Systems
GB 023.1-2006 Healthcare: Quality of Care in Residential Homes for the Elderly
GB 023.2-2006 Healthcare: Quality Patient Care in Hospitals
GB 024-2010 Beyond Registration - Getting the best from ISO 9001 and business improvement
GB 025-2010 The Risk Management Universe
GB 026-2006 Business Ethics and the 21st Century Organisation
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