Concrete Institute of Australia Publications

The Concrete Institute of Australia is an independent, non-profit organisation made up of many members who share a common interest in staying at the forefront of concrete technology, design & construction in this country.

Current List of CIA Publications

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CIA Product List Complete listing of available CIA products
CIA - Buy to Order CIA - Buy to Order
CIA- CD/DVD Buy to Order CIA- CD/DVD Buy to Order
CIA Concrete 1999 CIA Our Concrete Environment
CIA CPN17-2008 The Use of Galvanised Reinforcement in Concrete
CIA CPN22-2008 Non-destructive Testing of Concrete
CIA CPN24-2005 Design of Joints in Concrete Structures
CIA CPN25-2003 Fly Ash and its Use in Concrete
CIA CPN26-2003 Ground Granulated Iron Blast Furnace Slag and Its Use in Concrete
CIA CPN27-2006 Amorphous Silica and Its Use in Concrete
CIA CPN28-2005 Watertight Concrete Structures
CIA CPN29-1996 CIA Prestressed Concrete Anchorage Zones
CIA CPN33-2002 CIA Compaction of Concrete Using Immersion and Surface Vibrators
CIA CPN35-2003 CIA Fibres in Concrete
CIA Z12-2000 CIA Pumped Concrete
CIA Z13-2001 CIA Performance criteria for concrete in marine environments
CIA Z13-2001/Eratum 1-2002 CIA Performance criteria for concrete in marine environments
CIA Z15-2011 Cracking in concrete slabs on ground and pavements
CIA Z16-2011 Geopolymer Recommended Practice Handbook
CIA Z17-2012 Recommended Practice, Tremie Concrete for Deep Foundations
CIA Z3-2007 Grouting of Prestressing Ducts
CIA Z39-2008 Render Finishes
CIA Z40-2005 Super-workable Concrete
CIA Z5-2010 Shotcreting in Australia
CIA Z6-2010 Reinforcement detailing handbook
CIA Z7/01-2014 Durability Planning
CIA Z7/04-2014 Good Practice Through Design, Concrete Supply and Construction
CIA Z7/06-2017 Concrete Cracking and Crack Control
CIA Z7/07-2015 Performance Tests to Assess Concrete Durability
CIA Z9-1999 CIA Curing of Concrete