IEC Publications

The IEC is the world's leading organization that prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies - collectively known as ""electrotechnology"".
The IEC also manages conformity assessment systems that certify that equipment, systems or components conform to its International Standards.

Latest IEC Publications

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IEC/TS 62257-8-1 Ed. 2.0 Recommendations for renewable energy and hybrid systems for rural electrification - Part 8-1: Selection of batteries and battery management systems for stand-alone electrification systems - Specific case of automotive flooded lead-acid batteries available
IEC/TS 63014-1 Ed. 1.0 High voltage direct current (HVDC) power transmission - System requirements for DC-side equipment - Part 1: Using line-commutated converters
IEC/TS 62989 Ed. 1.0 Primary optics for concentrator photovoltaic systems
IEC/TS 62361-102 Ed. 1.0 Power systems management and associated information exchange - Interoperability in the long term - Part 102: CIM - IEC 61850 harmonization
IEC/TR 63158 Ed. 1.0 Equipment for general lighting purposes - Objective test method for stroboscopic effects of lighting equipment
IEC/TR 61340-5-2 Ed. 2.0 Electrostatics - Part 5-2: Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena - User guide
IEC 80601-2-49 Ed. 1.0 Medical electrical equipment - Part 2-49: Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of multifunction patient monitors
IEC 80601-2-30 Ed. 2.0 Medical electrical equipment - Part 2-30: Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of automated non-invasive sphygmomanometers
IEC 63093-7 Ed. 1.0 Ferrite cores - Guidelines on dimensions and the limits of surface irregularities - Part 7: EER-cores
IEC 62973-1 Ed. 1.0 Railway applications - Rolling stock - Batteries for auxiliary power supply systems - Part 1: General requirements