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IEEE 3001.2:2017 Recommended Practice For Evaluating The Electrical Service Requirements Of Industrial And Commercial Power Systems
IEEE 1901.1:2018 Medium Frequency (Less Than 12 Mhz) Power Line Communications For Smart Grid Applications
IEEE C37.246:2017 Guide For Protection Systems Of Transmission-To-Generation Interconnections
IEEE C57.12.39:2017 Requirements For Distribution Transformer Tank Pressure Coordination
IEEE 802.11AJ:2018 Information Technology - Telecommunications And Information Exchange Between Systems Local And Metropolitan Area Networks - Specific Requirements - Part 11: Wireless Lan Medium Access Control (Mac) And Physical Layer (Phy) Specifications - Amendment 3: Enhancements For Very High Throughput To Support Chinese Millimeter Wave Frequency Bands (60 Ghz And 45 Ghz)
IEEE 442:2017 Guide For Thermal Resistivity Measurements Of Soils And Backfill Materials
IEEE C57.158:2017 Guide For The Application Of Tertiary And Stabilizing Windings In Power Transformers
IEEE 1871.2:2017 Test Equipment Templates And Extension Classes For Describing Intrinsic Signal Path Information For Cables, Interface Adapters, And Test Equipment
IEEE 11073-10207:2017 Health Informatics - Point-Of-Care Medical Device Communication - Part 10207: Domain Information And Service Model For Service-Oriented Point-Of-Care Medical Device Communication
IEEE C57.12.10:2017 Standard Requirements For Liquid-Immersed Power Transformers