Polish Committee for Standardization Publications

PKN is recognized as a National Standards Body, the principal tasks of which are: Assessment of the state of the art and directions of standardization activity, Organization and supervision of publishing and dissemination of Polish Standards and other deliverables, Approval and withdrawal of Polish Standards and other standardization documents, Representation of the Republic of Poland in the international and regional standards organizations, participation in their work and representation of national interest abroad in matters concerning standardization, Initiating and organizing work of Technical Committees (KTs), Organization and conduct of training, publishing, promotional and informational activities with regard to standardization and related areas, Issuing opinions on draft executive acts related to standardization, Participation in the national notification system for standards and regulations.

Latest PKN Publications

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PN EN ISO 29481-1:2017 Building Information Models - Information Delivery Manual - Part 1: Methodology And Format (Iso 29481-1:2016)
PN EN 63035:2017 Midi (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Specification 1.0 (Abridged Edition, 2015)
PN EN 1459-1:2017 Rough-Terrain Trucks - Safety Requirements And Verification - Part 1: Variable-Reach Trucks
PN EN 63028:2017 Wireless Power Transfer - Airfuel Resonant Baseline System Specification (Bss)
PN EN 60749-28:2017 Semiconductor Devices - Mechanical And Climatic Test Methods - Part 28: Electrostatic Discharge (Esd) Sensitivity Testing - Charged Device Model (Cdm) - Device Level
PN EN 62931:2017 Gx16t-5 Capped Tubular Led Lamp - Safety Specifications
PN EN ISO 15589-1:2017 Petroleum, Petrochemical And Natural Gas Industries - Cathodic Protection Of Pipeline Systems - Part 1: On-Land Pipelines (Iso 15589-1:2015)
PN EN 302 288:2017 Short Range Devices - Transport And Traffic Telematics (Ttt) - Ultra-Wideband Radar Equipment Operating In The 24,25 Ghz To 26,65 Ghz Range - Harmonised Standard Covering The Essential Requirements Of Article 3.2 Of Directive 2014/53/Eu
PN EN 16956:2017 Cosmetics - Analytical Methods - Hplc/Uv Method For The Identification And Assay Of Hydroquinone, Ethers Of Hydroquinone And Corticosteroids In Skin Whitening Cosmetic Products
PN EN 61076-3-122:2017 Connectors For Electrical And Electronic Equipment - Product Requirements - Part 3-122: Detail Specification For 8-Way, Shielded, Free And Fixed Connectors For I/O And Gigabit Ethernet Applications In Harsh Environments