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The PTB is the national metrology institute providing scientific and technical services. PTB measures with the highest accuracy and reliability - metrology as the core competence. PTB stands for progress and reliability in metrology for society, economy and science.

Current List of PTB Publications

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PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 1 Ed. 3 (1980) Length And Areas Measuring Machines
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 11 Ed. 1 (1977) Radiation Protection Dosimeters For Photon Radiation With Energies Between 5 Kev And 3 Mev
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 12:1977 Instrument Transformers
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 13 Ed. 1 (1977) Storage Tanks In The Form Of Horizontal Cylinders
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 16 Ed. 1 (1984) Therapiedosimeter Mit Ionisationskammern Fuer Photonenstrahlungen Mit Energien Unterhalb Von 3 Mev
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 18 Ed. 1 (1988) Grain Humidity - Procedures For The Determination Of The Grain Humidity And Testing Of Grain Hygrometers
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 19 Ed. 1 (1990) Traffic Radars - Procedure To Test Traffic Radars
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 2 Ed. 2 (1999) Liquid-in-glass Thermometers
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 20 Ed. 1 (1993) Electronic Temperature/pressure Volume Correctors For Gas
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 21 Ed. 1 (1992) Volumetric Laboratory Instruments
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 22 Ed. 1 (1996) Electronic Auxiliary Equipment For The Formation Of New Measurement Values For Gas, Water And Heat
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 23 Ed. 1 (1997) Gambling Devices According To Chapter 33c Industrial Code With Annex "measuring Interface For Gambling Devices"
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 24 Ed. 1 (1998) Measuring Instruments For Gas - Measuring Instruments For The Carbon Dioxide Contained In Fuel Gas
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 25 Ed. 1 (1998) Measuring Instruments For Gas - Test Rigs With Critical Nozzles
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 26-1 Ed. 1 (1998) Standard Capacity Measures Of Metal For The Static Determination Of Liquid Volumes - Part 1: Technical Requirements
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 26-2:2002 Normalmessbehaelter Aus Metall Zur Statischen Bestimmung Von Fluessigkeitsvolumen - Teil 2: Pruefung
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 27 Ed. 1 (2001) Messgeraete Fuer Gas - Brennwertmessgeraete - Pruefung Eichfaehiger Und Nichteichfaehiger Brennwertmessgeraete
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 28 Ed. 1 (2000) Messgeraete Fuer Gas - Brennwertmessgeraete: Ermittlung Von Abrechnungsbrennwerten Und Weiteren Gasbeschaffenheitsdaten Mittels Zustandrekonstruktion
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 29 Ed. 1 (2003) Messgeraete Fuer Gas - Gaszaehler: Pruefung Von Volumengaszaehlern Mit Luft Bei Atmosphaerendruck
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 3 Ed. 2 (2007) Explosion-protected Machines Of The "increased Safety (ex)e" Type Of Protection
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 30 Ed. 1 (2003) Messgeraete Fuer Gas - Hochdruckpruefung Von Gaszaehlern
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 6 Ed. 3 (1998) Electricity Meters And Auxiliary Devices - Working Group For Testing Instructions For Electricity Meters Of The Plenary Assembly For Verification
PTB PRUFREGEL BAND 9 Ed. 1 (1973) Headlamp Adjustment Testing Devices