Unified Abrasives Manufacturers' Association Publications

The UAMA was formed from the merging of four predecessor organizations: the Abrasive Grain Association, Coated Abrasives Manufacturers’ Institute, Diamond Wheel Manufacturers’ Institute and the Grinding Wheel Institute.
UAMA maintains a four-committee structure that allows for members to focus on the portion of the Abrasives Industry that is most pertinent to their company. The mission of the UAMA is to undertake those activities that can be pursued more effectively by an Association than individual companies in order to enable the industry to freely create and market safe, productive abrasive products throughout the world.

Current List of UAMA Publications

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ANSI B7.1-2017 Safety Requirements For The Use, Care And Protection Of Abrasive Wheels
ANSI B7.7-2003 (R2011) Safety Requirements For Abrading Materials With Coated Abrasive Systems
ANSI B74.10-2015 Grading Of Abrasive Microgrits
ANSI B74.11-1993 (R2009) Specifications For Tumbling Chip Abrasives
ANSI B74.12-2012 Specification For The Size Of Abrasive Grain - Grinding Wheels, Polishing And General Industrial Uses
ANSI B74.13-2016 Markings For Identifying Grinding Wheels And Other Bonded Abrasives
ANSI B74.14-2007 (R2013) Methods Of Chemical Analysis Of Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Grain And Abrasive Crude
ANSI B74.15-1992 (R2013) Methods Of Chemical Analysis Of Silicon Carbide Abrasive Grain And Abrasive Crude
ANSI B74.16-2002 (R2014) Checking The Size Of Diamond Or Cubic Boron Nitride Abrasive Products
ANSI B74.18-2016 Grading Of Certain Abrasive Grain On Coated Abrasive Material
ANSI B74.19-2002 (R2013) Test For Determining Magnetic Content Of Abrasive Grains
ANSI B74.2-2003 Specifications For Shapes And Sizes Of Grinding Wheels, And For Shapes, Sizes And Identification Of Mounted Wheels
ANSI B74.20-2003 (R2010) Grading Of Diamond Powder In Sub-Sieve Sizes
ANSI B74.21-2002 (R2014) Fatigue Proof Test Procedure For Vitrified Grinding Wheels
ANSI B74.22-1991 (R2007) Design Test For Type 27 Portable Grinding Wheels
ANSI B74.23-2002 (R2007) Measuring The Relative Crystal Strengths Of A Diamond Cubic Boron Nitride Grits
ANSI B74.3-2003 (R2008) Specifications For Shapes And Sizes Of Diamond Or Cbn Abrasive Products
ANSI B74.4-1992 (R2007) Procedure For Bulk Density Of Abrasive Grains
ANSI B74.5-1964 (R2007) Capillarity Of Abrasive Grains, Test For
ANSI B74.6-2001 (R2007) Procedure For Sampling Of Abrasive Grains
ANSI B74.6-2007 Sampling Of Abrasive Grains, Procedure For
ANSI B74.8-1987 (R2007) Procedure For Ball Mill Test For Friability Of Abrasive Grains