Do you need a set of contractual terms and conditions for your projects?

To help you save time and minimise risks when compiling a contract, we have available a number of Australian Standard® Contracts and formats to suit any size project for:

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Infrastructure
  • Utilities
  • Minor Works
  • And more.

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Which format option is best for you?

1. Minimal Amendments

If you only want to rely on the contractual terms as set out in a recognised Australian Standard® and make minimal amendments in the annexures, Reusable, Interactive PDF or Hardcopy formats can be applied to a variety of projects.

2. Internal Reference Use Only (PDF and Hardcopy)

Sometimes you aren’t always supplied with the full contractual terms and annexures from an Australian Standard® Contract. By having a Reference Use Only (in PDF or Hardcopy) format as a guide, you can still develop a good understanding of contractual requirements without losing time on the project.

3. Editable Terms and Annexures (MS Word)

If you prefer to have the ability to completely edit the contractual terms and annexures. Please contact us to discuss the two broad options below:

Editable Word Options Table

Australian Standard® Contracts Catalogue

Download our Contracts Catalogue to see a full listing of our Australian Standard® Contracts and their context.

Download the Contracts Catalogue

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