Victorian Law has a New Address!

With the Victorian Government Bookshop closing on 30 June 2014, ANSTAT (an SAI Global company) should be your first stop for Victorian Legislation in hard copy.

Anstat is the official and exclusive print publisher of legislation for the State of Victoria, publishing and printing every Act and Regulation in hard copy. We also publish a range of CD ROM and online services and our customers include government, law firms, courts and business.

Our clients rely on our timely and accurate updating solutions to provide them with legislation and related services in the regulatory environment.

Click here for instructions on how to perform a search and quickly find the legislation you are looking for.


NOTE: SAI Global offers a print on demand service. There may be a short wait while they print your legislation. Alternatively, please order by phone or online.


How to perform a search

If you know the title or subject area for the Act or Regulation you are looking for use 'Quick Search'


The Quick Search facility lets you search for a publication using any keyword (or words) or number.

  1. Search Box: Enter the title of legislation you want, or enter a word or words that are likely to be in the title.
  2. Publisher: Drop down menu and select ANSTAT
  3. Click Go to activate the search


If you want to view all current Acts or Regulations or something in specific as well use 'Advanced Search'


For finding Legislation using Advanced Search:

  1. Publisher: Drop down menu and select ANSTAT
  2. Publication Type: default to ALL
  3. Publication Status: default to 'Current'
  4. Refine by: Drop down menu and select 'Keyword in Title'

    i Type in Act or Regulation for a full listing of current Victorian Legislation; or

    ii. Enter a keyword in the title of the Act or Regulation, Eg: by entering crimes act the search facility will search all titles where the words crimes act occur side by side.

Note: When searching for more than one word, the words are treated as a phrase. Quotation marks should not be used as this is automatically assumed by the search engine.