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  • NF EN 13980 : 2002

    Superseded A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.
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    Superseded date:  01-12-2014


    Published date:  12-01-2013

    Publisher:  Association Francaise de Normalisation

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    Table of Contents - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    1 Scope
    2 Normative references
    3 Terms and definitions
    4 Quality management system
      4.1 General requirements
      4.2 Documentation requirements
          4.2.1 General
          4.2.2 Quality manual
          4.2.3 Control of documents
          4.2.4 Control of quality records
    5 Management responsibility
      5.1 Management commitment
      5.2 Customer focus
      5.3 Quality policy
      5.4 Planning
          5.4.1 Quality objectives
          5.4.2 Quality management system planning
      5.5 Responsibility, authority and communication
          5.5.1 Responsibility and authority
          5.5.2 Management representative
          5.5.3 Internal communication
      5.6 Management review
          5.6.1 General
          5.6.2 Review input
          5.6.3 Review output
    6 Resource management
      6.1 Provision of resources
      6.2 Human resources
          6.2.1 General
          6.2.2 Competence, awareness and training
      6.3 Infrastructure
      6.4 Work environment
    7 Product realisation
      7.1 Planning of product realisation
      7.2 Customer-related processes
          7.2.1 Determination of requirements related to the
          7.2.2 Review of requirements related to the product
          7.2.3 Customer communication
      7.3 Design and development
      7.4 Purchasing
          7.4.1 Purchasing process
          7.4.2 Purchasing information
          7.4.3 Verification of purchased product
      7.5 Production and service provision
          7.5.1 Control of production and service provision
          7.5.2 Validation of processes for production and
                service provision
          7.5.3 Identification and traceability
          7.5.4 Customer property
          7.5.5 Preservation of product
      7.6 Control of monitoring and measuring devices
    8 Measurement, analysis and improvement
      8.1 General
      8.2 Monitoring and measurement
          8.2.1 Customer satisfaction
          8.2.2 Internal audit
          8.2.3 Monitoring and measurement of processes
          8.2.4 Monitoring and measurement of product
      8.3 Control of non-conforming product
      8.4 Analysis of date
          8.5 Improvement
          8.5.1 Continual improvement
          8.5.2 Corrective action
          8.5.3 Preventive action
    Annex A (informative) Information relevant to particular
            types pf protection
    Annex B (informative) Verification criteria for sintered
            components used as an integral part of a type of
    Annex ZA (informative) Clauses of this European standard
             addressing essential requirements or other provisions
             of EU Directives

    Abstract - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    Describes particular requirements and information for establishing and maintaining a quality system in accordance with the requirements of Annex IV and Annex VII of Directive 94/9/EC.

    General Product Information - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    Development Note Indice de Classement: S66-600. PR NF EN 13980 November 2000. (12/2002)
    Document Type Standard
    Publisher Association Francaise de Normalisation
    Status Superseded
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