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  • Adopt a powerful, user-friendly Standards Management solution

    SAI Global i2i is a cloud-based, configurable and secure platform for the storage, retrieval and distribution of your Standards, policies and technical documentation. It is a solution that centralises document management, enhances virtual collaboration and enables organisations to control costs, improve efficiencies and maintain compliance.

    i2i provides you with:

    • An intuitive interface for multiple users and sites to ensure all team members are using the same set of up-to-date Standards
    • Access to over 1.6 million Standards from 360+ publishers including ISO, AS, IEC, IEEE, ANSI, to reduce your number of service providers
    • An unlimited number of customised Standards collections to suit specific roles, projects and departments
    • Simple and powerful search functionality to quickly find and access content to improve efficiencies
    • An alert service sending notifications when Standards change to reduce compliance risks and enable fast reaction times
    • In-depth reports and dashboards to gain full visibility of the most used, accessed and requested Standards to optimise your subscription


  • 1.6 million+ Standards & industry codes

    • 360+ publishers including leading SDOs and NSBs

      • Trusted by 200K+ i2i users from a variety of industries

        • i2i features & more

          SAI Global i2i provides features to control, customise and collaborate your Standards and information. Easily collate all your documents, streamline purchasing and access the information you need.

          • Ready to transform your Standards Management?

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