• StandardsWatch

    Available until 30th June 2018

    There are well over a million Standards from hundreds of publishers: new, amended and superseded ones are being added regularly. So how do you know when the Standards change? 
    With Standards Watch you receive email alerts to let you know when the Standards you are interested in change.

    Standards Watch – What is it? 

    Standards Watch delivers an easy way to keep track of Australian and International Standards. We’ll keep you across the latest changes with an automated email alert. There are several packages to choose from depending on your business requirements.
    Your organisation will have selected the package most applicable to your organisation:

    Standards Watch Tier 1: Watch up to 50 Standards 
    Standards Watch Tier 2: Watch over 50 Standards PLUS entire subject areas.

    Benefits to your organisation
    • Monitor changes to the Standards that are imperative to your organisation being able to deliver quality services and products
    • Be one step ahead of your competition and impress your clients by being aware of changes to Standards before anyone else does 
    • Easily build alerts for all Standards in pre-designated topic areas related to the ones you use to run your organisation 
    • Respond to regulatory changes far quicker than your competitors 
    • Standards Watch allows for the tracking of up to 800 publications

    For Standards in your watch list you will receive:
    • Email alerts when they change 
    • Alerts in your choice of language 
    • Access to all of your alerts via archive 
    • Custom lists feature – arrange by topic, project, etc 
    • Notes tool for adding info against a particular Standard 
    • A status record with published date, superseded document information and more.