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  • EN 50148 : 1995

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    Electronic taximeters

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    Published date:  15-09-1995

    Publisher:  European Committee for Standards - Electrical

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    Table of Contents - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    1. Scope
    2. Definitions
    2.1 Electronic taximeters
    2.2 Device constant k of the taximeter
    2.3 Vehicle constant w
    2.4 Totalizers
    2.5 Initial hire fee
    2.6 Initial distance
    2.7 Initial time
    2.8 Time-counting
    2.9 Distance-counting
    2.10 Time-distance counting
    2.11 Single system calculation
    2.12 Double system calculation
    2.13 Maximum permissible error (MPE)
    2.14 Distance measuring signal
    2.15 Time measuring signal
    2.16 Reference number of pulses
    2.17 Tariff
    2.18 Tariff values
    2.19 Distance tariff value
    2.20 Time tariff value
    2.21 Tariff position
    2.22 Tariff regulation
    2.23 Supplement
    2.24 Calculating device
    2.25 Adjustment device
    2.26 Securing
    2.27 Sealing
    3. Unit of measurement
    4. Technical characteristics
    4.1 Calculating device
    4.1.1 Calculation methods
    4.1.2 Price indication
    4.1.3 Device constant
    4.1.4 Tariff positions
    4.2 Operating device
    4.2.1 Operating position 'FOR HIRE'
    4.2.2 Operating position 'OCCUPIED'
    4.2.3 Operating position 'FARE'
    4.2.4 Operating position 'MEASURE'
    4.2.5 Restrictions
    4.2.6 Supplement device
    4.3 Indicating device
    4.4 Totalizers
    4.5 Tariff programming
    4.5.1 Input tariff data
    4.5.2 Display of tariff data
    4.6 Test connector
    4.7 Auxiliary devices
    5. Design and constructional requirements
    6. Operating characteristics
    6.1 Voltage range
    6.2 General properties
    7. Maximum permissible errors
    7.1 MPE of calculating device and time measuring
    7.2 Tariff values used in the determination of
    7.3 MPE of the adjustment device
    8. Sealing
    8.1 Mechanical sealing
    8.2 Electronic sealing
    9. Marking and other instrument information
    10. Type tests
    10.1 General
    10.2 Test conditions
    10.3 Conformity and document inspection
    10.4 Function test
    10.5 Function control
    10.6 Visual inspection
    10.7 Dry heat test
    10.8 Damp heat test
    10.9 Cold test
    10.10 Vibration test
    11. Electromagnetic compatibility
    11.1 Immunity tests
    11.1.1Voltage dips and interruptions on power lines
    11.1.2Transients and surges on power lines
    11.1.3Transients on signal lines
    11.1.4Electromagnetic fields
    11.5 Electrostatic discharges
    11.2 Emission test

    Abstract - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    This Standard applies to electronic taximeters, hereinafter referred to by the general term taximeters, to be installed on public hire vehicles (taxis or cabs) which, with the aid of electronic devices, calculate and indicate the amount to be paid by the passenger of the taxi.

    General Product Information - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    Committee TC 66
    Document Type Standard
    Publisher European Committee for Standards - Electrical
    Status Current
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