• What is StandardsWatch?

      StandardsWatch is an alert service that makes it easy to track changes to Standards. It’s a free service that allows you to add an unlimited number of Standards to your Watchlist and sends email and account alerts when there is a change to a Standard on your list. 

      With the ability to easily add and remove important Standards relevant to your projects, business and industry, StandardsWatch delivers a solution to keep track of essential changes impacting organizational and compliance needs.  

      Ensure you’re always up to date with crucial changes, so you know when to respond.

      How do I use StandardsWatch?

      1. 1. Log in or create an account on the Infostore to add Standards to your Watchlist.
      2. 2. Find the Standards you wish to track (use the search or categories pages to help) and click ‘Add to Watchlist’ to follow a Standard.
      3. 3. Once a Standard is added to your Watchlist, you will receive updates whenever it changes.
      4. 4. View all Standards added to your Watchlist in the Watchlist option under the Account tab.
      5. 5. To 'unwatch' a Standard, go to the My Watchlist page and click on [X/Remove].

      How does StandardsWatch help you?

      1. ✔ It's free! Stay up to date on your important Standards at no cost
      2. ✔ Add an unlimited number of Standards to your Watchlist
      3. ✔ Utilise our collection of 1.5 million+ Standards & 360+ publishers
      4. ✔ Respond to changes as they happen and remain compliant
      5. ✔ Update your Watchlist to suit your organisational or project needs

      For the StandardsWatch terms and conditions, click here.

      Frequently Asked Questions