• Compliance with the upcoming electrical requirements can give you
    the confidence that you need to best service your customers

    • Electrical installations will soon be governed by a new set of rules. The new Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000 has been developed by Standards Australia and industry experts. Compliance with the new Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000 will be applied on a mandatory basis in accordance with relevant State legislation.

      Essential for electricians, inspectors and regulators, AS/NZS 3000 specifies the electrical installation safety requirements for all premises in Australia and New Zealand. With over 200 proposed changes, the new edition will expand coverage on electrical installations, improve safeguards and bring industry requirements in line with best practice.


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        • Guide to Electrical Standards

          Relevant electrical safety Standards listed all in one handy guide.

        • WHAT'S CHANGING?

          • The Chairman's perspective

            Committee Chairman Gary Busbridge takes us through the DR AS/NZS 3000 proposed changes.

          • Q&A Wiring Rules - Part 1

            Topics include general enquiries, solar and battery energy storage and electrical equipment.

          • Q&A Wiring Rules - Part 2

            Topics include electrical installations, earthing, switchboards, segregation, testing and more.

          • Q&A Wiring Rules - Part 3

            Topics cover RCDs in relation to application, lighting, equipment and more.

          • Wiring Rules changes

            Over 200 proposed changes and industry requirements in line with best practice.


            • Updates with the Chairman

              Gary Busbridge provides a closer look at the major changes for the new Wiring Rules.

            • Building Wiring Cable rules

              Building Wiring Cable sold in NSW must comply with all requirements of the Electricity Act 2004.

            • Worksafe QLD talks electrical

              Tune in for a series of videos on the upcoming AS/NZS 3000.

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